Machine Pressed

Our machine pressed shirts is perfect for most shirts and goes on a form that fits most size shirts. Once on the form, it get pressed while still damp, under high pressure plates that leave it with a crisp finish.

Touched Up

Our touched up service is the next level up from a machine pressed shirt. The shirt gets pressed on the same machine but then quickly touched up for any obvious imperfections.

Hand Finished

As the name implies, our hand finished shirt gets touched up by hand after being pressed on a machine. However, the machine we used for this service is different and gentler as the shirt is pressed with high pressured air so as to have the least amount of stress on the shirt. The result is a softer press.

Hand Iron

This is our finest shirt as it is completely hand-ironed. Martha Stewart would approve of this service.

How To Hand-Iron a Shirt
How To Hand-Iron a Shirt

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